sheet metal fabrication companies in malaysia
January 25, 2022

Sheet Metal Fabrication Companies In Malaysia And Their Technicalities

By Cathy

Sheet metal fabrication companies in Malaysia design and cut metal sheets to suit the needs of their customers.

How do they do it?

There are a lot of factors that have to be taken care of while fabrication is under consideration. On receiving the project, the fabricators analyze the material and find the right process for it. Sheet metal fabrication companies in Malaysia take care of these factors. Some materials are very soft, some that are very hard. Some processes might leave a scar or impact the material in adverse ways.

The fabricators must be very careful about what method they select for fabricating that exactly does what is planned and has no side effects.


There is laser cutting, jet water cutting, and plasma cutting, to name the most used ones.

Under laser, cutting precision is the most seen concept. The laser cuts through quite a considerable thickness and comes out clean with no slag or remains.

Laser cutting is effective and efficient and is used where precision has to be very properly taken care of. Jet water cutting also takes care of precision but not laser cutting.

In jet water, cutting water is dispersed through jets and cut through metals of good thickness. The jet cuts through in shapes and structures, usually laser cutters. The water jet cutters function almost the same as laser cutters but are less effective since a lot of water needs to be reused. In doing so, the impurities of water have a chance to get stuck to the materials or, worse, embedded in them. Since using the same water, so many times has its disadvantages, the water needs to be changed. This results in a lot of water wastage.

If it is argued that the used water can be released into the soil to go back into the water cycle, it is difficult as the used water contains a good percentage of the metal it has been used upon and thus is quite unsafe.

The last type is plasma cutting, wherein chemistry and chemical items are used to the maximum potency to help manmade processes. The ions are shooted at the metal to create required patterns.


While fabricators have many methods to modify metal sheets, there are many advantages related to it which shouldn’t be ignored for the better quality of output.