Perfect Butler On Wheels
January 23, 2022

Choose Perfect Butler On Wheels Singapore Chauffeur Services?

By Cathy

Limo services are widely appreciated due to their security, lavish and pleasurable transportation experience. However, abound limo services available on the internet render it tough to find the top option. Still, choosing butler on wheels singapore limo services is more accessible by following some tips below.

butler on wheels singapore

  • Check the license:While scrounging a limousine, attend to the company’s authenticity. Ask them to yield their legal documents and support of the operation of limo services. In case they fail, shun and look for another alternative.
  • Ask for company’s insurance: All the transport service provider firms comprising limousine services must have an insurance plan. Generally, insurance policy aims to provide coverage of approx. $1.5 million. You can check this on the license of the enterprise, which displays the insurance company, expiry date of the policy, and the number.
  • Confirm driver screening: Ask the company to screen their chauffeurs for drug tests and criminal background checks. The company should inspect the driver before hiring. Further, they need to have a mandatory license from the DMV.
  • Look at the fleet: While renting a limo, ask the company to allow you a look at the fleet, so you may understand which one to choose. There are different limo models and brands; go for the one that suits your requirement and wallet.
  • Know Limo maintenance regime: Every limousine firm gives a deep check to the vehicle before sending it to a particular destination. You should enquire the company about their limousine maintenance course to ensure your safety.
  • Know cancellation policy: The world is an unexpected place. The schedule of the anticipated event can be changed or called off. For such a scenario, discuss upfront their cancellation policy and know whether they ask for driver gratuity or fuel.
  • Attest the payment mode:Ask the company about the payment method, such as debit card, credit card, or wallet. Certain limo services require you to pay upfront. Thus, it is vital to clarify things beforehand to avert mess later.

Whether it is a wedding, a birthday party, a corporate event, or a luxurious date, you would have to arrange a limousine. While looking for a limo vehicle, one aspires to grab the most refined model and chauffeur while keeping it all in your calculated budget. Stick to these points while picking the best butler on wheels singapore limo services. Choose wisely and enjoy your ride.