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September 5, 2022

3 Ways to Make Your Messages Self-Destruct After Being Read

Recently, a series of major security breaches have made the world aware of hackers and cyber-security threats. These leaks have created a protective measure that is rapidly expanding and gaining traction: messages self-destructing before they can be read.

In order to adapt this new technology, this article will list three simple ways you can use to make your привнот messages self-destruct after being read, whether it’s an email or text message.

  1. Ditch the Password

Developed by Security Company, pirvnota, you can use their Chrome extension to remember your passwords for you. The extension does this by recording every combination of letters and numbers that have been used for a temporary password. When you click on the extension icon, your passwords are automatically stored in the cloud.

So, what’s the security risk? If a hacker gains access to your computer, they can easily find out all of the passwords you used.

  1. Use an App Password

While it’s always smart to have different passwords for each account, many forget this important step. Everyone knows not to use the same password for their Facebook and email accounts but many still do. In order to fix this potential security risk, download an app that allows you to password-protect an account and use multiple passwords for different apps.

A great app that does this is 1Password, which is available for both Android and iPhone. The app allows you to store all of the passwords for the different apps in your life. It also encrypts them so that only you can access them. One of the most important parts about using this app is that it allows you to generate strong passwords.

The Best Password Managers for 2022 to Secure Your Accounts | Digital Trends


  1. Have Multiple Destinations for Your Messages

By having multiple places where messages are stored, it makes it easier to retrieve if one form gets deleted or compromised.

There are many different ways to do this, and most of them come down to the same idea: choose a place that can’t be easily accessed. For example, Dropbox is a great way to store documents, but not so much your messages. For this reason, it’s best to store your text messages on an encrypted cloud storage such as Google Drive.

One of the biggest dangers with storing text messages on an unencrypted service like iCloud is that your phone number may also be stored on their servers. This is dangerous because many companies like Google and Facebook link your phone number to your account.

Final Thought

As technology becomes more advanced, so will the threats we face. Learning how to protect our data is extremely important in today’s world, and this article has provided three simple steps you can take to prevent prying eyes from viewing your messages.

If you have any other solid tips for protecting your private data, please post them in the comments section below.

August 11, 2022

Learn What Is the MX Player Mod APK

The MX Player Mod APK is the best video player for Android. It’s only one of the many ways to download and install this fantastic app that some consider life-changing. It provides a fully customizable interface, support for both videos in SD and HD quality, an equalizer with audiobooks built-in, and audio streaming service integration. With this package of features at your disposal, you are sure to find what you need on the MX Player Pro Mod APK. 


To know its full potential, you’ll need to be familiar with what MX Player stands for. This app is developed by MX Player Team and is one of the best Android Video Players.


One of the most remarkable ways to perform your daily tasks using an Android smartphone is talking to it, so why not be able to listen to music as well? Many music apps are available for your mobiles, some even for free, but sometimes those aren’t enough. They are just not enough because you want a simple interface that allows you to change equalizers and playlists with ease. The one and only MX Player Mod APK allow you just that!


Not all music players can do all they can, but they cost more than $1 and don’t always perform as expected. You can get equalizers from one music app and playlists from another, but the MX Player is always there to provide you with the best of both worlds.


This application is a video player to play videos and other media files. It also allows you to play audio files without video or with only one video track. A paid version is available for those who want all features unlocked, but it’s not necessary to enjoy your favorite videos on your smartphone. The free version of the MX Player Mod APK gives you plenty of capabilities, such as resuming and subtitle support.

February 6, 2022

Great Things to Know Concerning Cloud Hosting Solutions

Cloud hosting is the talk in town. It is the ease of scaling, flexibility, and high performance. It is provided to clients through a multi-server system with some virtual resources. Using multiple servers increases the processing power instead of relying on a single server. In addition to the cloud hosting server concept, this also means that there will be no downtime for the website, as is the case with traditional server hosting.

Hosting on a cloud server is beneficial as it doesn’t limit application and hardware limitations.

cloud services benefits

Cloud hosting of websites is best suited for small, growing, and medium businesses. The main benefit of cloud as400 hosting websites is reliability, which is achieved by using a group of servers rather than just one. Even the space on traditional hosts will be limited, slowing down your website. However, you will not face any of these problems with cloud server hosting because users will get additional power and resources. You will successfully run your business over the Internet and enjoy uninterrupted communication.

It is a fact that many online companies can buy their servers. Experienced people can be hired for this job, but salary and overhead can be a huge problem. The option is cloud hosting services. Cloud hosting solutions have been able to cope in terms of maintenance. Such hosting solutions can provide a business with an effective means to obtain server computing power without additional server maintenance costs.

Some characteristics of cloud servers:

  • Data Redundancy. It is one of the most loved cloud hosting features as the host saves your data on multiple machines simultaneously. If one machine fails or fails, you can recover data from other machines without losing anything. The cloud will keep your data safe so you can retrieve it at any time.
  • Cost effective or profitable. Cloud hosting is inexpensive and supports high performance and operation. Cloud hosting of websites is much more affordable than regular hosting services. The best part of this service is that you don’t have to pay a huge amount monthly or yearly. You only have to pay for the number of resources used. It is a suitable solution for those who cannot predict the number of resources; they need to launch their websites.
  • Technology interoperability. Infrastructure as a Service incorporates cloud hosting principles to provide hardware services to customers.
  • Backup and security. The cloud server can be used to manage commercially viable software and networks to gain your access. In disaster management and data recovery, the cloud server can restore them.
September 4, 2021

Some specific pc or laptop repair types to know

There is no home without having computers or laptops like smart devices. Some people buy laptops for their working basis and some students buy laptops for the basis of their project. Whatever the reason is laptops usage has gained such great popularity. besides having smart advantages with the usage of the laptops, there are also significant disadvantages in the name of repairs. You know you can’t find the laptop with any repairs or any risky concerns. This is why you can see the number of computer or laptop repair services everywhere. If you want to find the best like Best Computer Repair in Perth, you can get it through from the internet. Research mainly matters.

Coming to the point, let’s know how these services go through some basic types of repairs we might have come across majorly:

  • Initially, if you search for any information on the internet, there are high chances that your pc or laptop starts slow in research and we feel that it might be some internet issue. But the third-party presence namely cyber hackers might be stealing your personal information by allowing you to click on their respective hacking links. This is why many experts strictly warn the users to stop clicking on links that look suspicious or without knowing the email sender properly. It means your data get corrupted if you unfortunately click on those links. At this point, repairing services like Best Computer Repair in Perth will help you to overcome those significant threats that caused your system damage. This is why people are advised to install antivirus software’s to protect your laptop.
  • Another repair type is hardware issues. You know a pc contains different parts and sometimes these parts get some issues like the breakdown. In this situation, that hardware part needs to be repaired either or replaced.The accessories of your pc like web camera or printers do have a possibility of any cracks, then these need to be replaced.
  • Your pc need to install regular software updates and format them whenever required.

Best Computer Repair in Perth

You know updating the software is recommended to avoid further risks to your system is important. This is why operating systems formatting is also required to install everytime to have a longtime working. You know data loss can be recovered by these services only. This is why data recovery service is one of the types of computer repairs.

  • Troubleshooting is advisable to avoid any recurrent issues that cost your system working. This is why proper maintenance of your system is needed for long-lasting performance and the efficient running of your system.
  • Finally, just know about one thing that some it services might have assisted you with if you face any internal problems. Now, they will help you through work from home services.


Hope these repair types act as a backbone to the smart devices especially for a computer and a laptop. Resolving these issues need the services for the longevity working of your pc. All you need to know is the minimum awareness of these repair types. So, you may feel comfortable giving your laptop or pc to the repairing service based on the repair type without any hesitation.

March 24, 2021

Speed Your Internet Speed Usage With a Proper 4G Proxy

The entire appeal of connecting online means having a single platform connect to another using signal to bounce off each other. You can find that almost any device with access to the internet can access plenty of sites or programs that use this interface. The entire prospect of the internet is vast and limitless. Years ago, the only use for the internet was to find a way to connect with people using dedicated programs and websites. Nowadays, there is almost nothing that a proper signal can do. You also can even game, stream, and make video calls all at the same time.

The only limitation that you might have with the internet is that there would be moments where your speed would start to slow down due to heavy use. This kind of incident is more common to those that use Wi-Fi signals instead of direct ethernet connections. However, you can find that with every new contact you have on your router, your internet power would start to dip more and more with each new device connecting.

There are moments where you can find your internet itself would bog down on performance even without other users connecting to your router. These situations are typically a sign that many people use the same connection line or there are too many people using the same signal output in the area, which causes a blockade of traffic across the air.

Mobile Proxies

Your best bet at ensuring that nothing will compress your signals to prevent you from accessing your internet’s full capacity speeds is to utilize a dedicated 4G proxy to handle your connections. The addition of this service to your internet provider will ensure that your device can bypass all those pesky internet traffic that would otherwise slow down your internet experience. Instead, you can rest easy knowing that you would have everything that you would need in one easy-to-use click of a button.

Reliable Static IPs

The crucial aspect of using a proxy is to ensure that you can use your internet without limitations that your IP address can give off. You can find some sites that would put your specific IP address in a lower queue priority at any moment should they deem you less necessary than their other clients. This system is not only unfair but can also ruin your entire experience with a particular website or webpage.

This proxy service by the Proxy Guys is your ticket at making sure that you can find a way to bypass all those limitations with an entirely new temporary IP address. This new identity is your way to ensure that you can access all the content that you want without having to worry about hampering your internet speed since the proxy handles 4G networking.

Make your internet browsing safely anonymous while also delivering the best speeds on the planet with none other than the best proxy service company in the world, Proxy Guys. As a bonus, you can also gain access to content that would otherwise lock itself from people from a different region.

March 4, 2021

4 Easy Tips for the Development of Your Betting App

Betting has become one of the catalysts of change in the past years. Many people have made it their living to bet and gamble. So, when the Internet was made possible to plenty of people from different places, they loved it. Betting is possible because of betting apps. They do not have to travel and stay away from their homes. There are some things that you need to consider when developing your app.

It requires having a goal. Before delving into technical support, understanding your goals and objectives should come in first. Here, you can understand what services you are going to offer to your customers. You can address plenty of issues here, like how you run your customer support service. More so, talk about your content and avenues for people to play. Having a goal only means that you are straightforward about what you want. That is to develop a website the bettors would love. It is best to note all these when designing a digital solution. Always analyze the priorities of your company for the initiative of goal orientation.

Delve into user testing. One technicality that you need to develop strategizing is conducting surveys and test-runs. Your web developers can conduct a test-run of your website. They make sample users test the betting app and note any bugs that they see upon its trial. It is vital to have this before releasing the app to the public to avoid errors and bugs. This part is essential to see what are the possible conflicts that may occur. You can always see the user-feedback. With this, you can check the reviews or surveys about the betting app you are developing.

more on appmodo

Seek assistance from IT Specialists. The information technology for an inter framework goes way beyond the platform you select for front-end growth. For its efficiency, businesses need to recognize how to design information transmission and API management works. Work on the protection or app security, robustness, content integration, application optimization, API, and more. These are rather vital to work on the technicalities that a betting app needs. Always look for a professional IT specialist to do the job for you for much-secured work.

Always add some additional features. People for sure want something that they do not expect. With this, you can lure them by incorporating facets in your app that nobody else has. Be creative in giving your customers services. For instance, you can build an app downloadable to any device (IOS and Android). You can also develop a method for them to contact your customer service with ease.

Analyze your project proposal. See to it that your goal and objectives are attainable. Always work under the radar and coordinate with your software developers.

Now, your betting app can be well-constructed. It is much more than a land-based facility. You can visit this reputable webpage and observe how the best betting apps work in the industry. With all that said, you can see what more you can offer to the public.

December 20, 2020

Interesting facts about blockchain technology

If you are started investing in cryptocurrency, then you might heard the term blockchain which is the record keeping technology behind bitcoin network. Nowadays, technology has improved a lot which is really beneficial to improve your investing options. As we know, blockchain is the specific type of database which might completely differ from typical database to store information. If you are looking to understand blockchain then you are advisable to understand database. Actually, database is collection of information which could be stored electronically on the computer system.

blockchain technology

What is blockchain and its benefits?

In the blockchain network, different kinds of the block might contain data about the trades, contracts and transactions within system in the cryptographic form. For example, block might contain details about the medical records, financial transaction or voting results. All blocks could be lined up in the chain which is interconnected to make new block. When it comes to the blockchain technology then it includes,

  • Increased transparency of transaction
  • High level of security
  • Hacking thread reduced
  • Faster transactions
  • Automatic reconciliation of accounts
  • Different levels of accessibility

Blockchain is considered as the high secure system because of its digital signature as well as encryption. This kind of the system is especially designed to be convenient, tamper proof and secure. Banks could be notified about completion of the transactions which is both trustworthy and convenient. User can choose between public blockchain networks which are available for anyone who requires permission. According to the studies says that transaction could be processed faster rather than usual because you no need to include payment system which might minimize the cost as well maximizing the processing speed.

Amazing information about blockchain

Blockchain is widely in lots of the applications like healthcare, government, finance, and education. It is considered as the great tool when you save large amount of the patient confidential data. Blockchain solutions could be used to simplify process of the document verification. It is having capability to enhance speed of the transactions, security and simplicity. If you are doing some research in online then you can get complete information about importance of the blockchain. Hackers might not easy to get access on it and you can also recover any piece of the information. If you are in the trading industry, then you are recommended to know about blockchain that could be helpful for you and you can make good returns.