University of Melbourne
July 8, 2022

Accommodation near University of Melbourne:An overview

By Cathy

The University of Melbourne is a public research university in Melbourne, Australia. The university is equipped with state-of-the-art campuses.accommodation near university of melbourne varies from apartment-styleresidence halls to the more traditional college system. Being on campus, students can immerse themselves in the university community.

Why study in Melbourne?

The reasons to study at Melbourne are as follows –

  • Future-focused –The goal is to meet the needs of the world’s rapidly evolving workplace with a strengthened ability to think critically and creatively across disciplines.
  • Advancing society – Students can learn alongside the leading academics whose research informs the University’scurriculum, with over 100 research centers, galleries, and museums on campus.
  • Proven career outcomes- Melbourne is internationallyrecognized for graduate employability with unparalleled industry-integrated learning and networking opportunities to set the students up for success.

accommodation near university of melbourne

Accommodation: The best student living

More than a place to live, studentscan experience university life withso muchto offer. From fun social events to study support, they will connect to the network of students and staff as they experience the best of campus life and beyond.All the accommodation options are just a short walk from the Parkville campus in the heart of Melbourne.

Students have to pay for –

  • Their furnished rooms.
  • Utilities like- electricity and water.
  • Unlimited internet.
  • Amenities like –gym, cinema, communal kitchen, study rooms, music rooms, and more.
  • 24/7 staff support from the friendly staff.
  • A year-roundcalendarof programs and events.

University residential houses

  • International House – It offers a global perspective on learning and living; the international house welcomes both local and international students.Devoted to academic success and personal growth, students,would feel a sense of belonging as soon as they walk inside the college grounds.
  • Medley Hall – Medley hall is welcoming, inclusive, and supportive. It is a heritage Manor—alsoa home to 70 students across Australia and the world. As one of the smallest colleges, students would be truly immersed in a close-knit, supportive college family.

Apart from this, the university provides –

  • It belongs to a community that’s sociable and supportive.
  • Benefit from a comprehensive Academy support program.
  • Students get to enjoy great food and conversation at the heritage dining hall.

Accommodations are given according to the university acceptance rate of 70 to 80%. The rate gives it a unique space in the Australian educational landscape, making it a selective institution. Depending upon the competitiveness and zeal among thestudents, the entry criteria vary from time to time.