August 11, 2022

What Is the Quality of HHC Edibles

By Cathy

HHC Edibles uses only the highest quality ingredients and craftsmanship in every product. Our products are made to order so that we can deliver the exact dosage and potency that’s best for you. All of our edibles are manufactured using CO2 extraction to have nearly no odour or taste, making them truly an experience beyond any other edible.Using HHC tincture oil, you will experience a maximum level of enjoyment without the hassle of smoke or odour. Our edibles are meant to be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere, on your schedule.

HHC Extracts is the official brand representing our edible products. They can be found in select dispensaries throughout where we have partnered with top cannabis retailers and brands to fill a void in the market for quality edibles available only in select locations.

The active ingredients in edibles are processed differently than other cannabis products; the THC is processed by the liver rather than the lungs so that it takes longer to react and reach peak effects. More than half the amount of edible should be taken in the first hour to reach a reliable and consistent effect.

HHC Edibles products are made using cannabis extract (hence the name) that is then cooked into various forms – sweet treats, chocolates and gummies/candy. The extract used in our edibles comes from a CO2 process that provides the cleanest cannabis product available. THC is extracted using liquid carbon dioxide and then carefully blended with natural ingredients to create our delicious and potent cannabis-infused masterpieces.