November 25, 2021

How showing can improve your real estate business

By Cathy

The real estate business is a separate form of art on its own. There are lots of efforts involved in prospecting, maintaining the brand and staying connected with fellow agents. Learning is required to keep oneself updated and it can be done through various means like books, other agents’ interaction and listening to the best real estate podcasts.

Various aspects of the real estate business

Real estate comprises so many different categories. They are finding the right property, networking and connection with fellow agents, buyers and investors, personalised marketing, listing properties, showing of listing properties etc.

What is showing properties?

Showing refers to showing the property or taking the buyer and investors for a tour of the property.

Why is it important?

It is very important because this is a real-time opportunity where the sale happens and the clients will listen to the agents.

How to do better in showing properties?

There are so many ways one can do better.

  • By scheduling them properly with different client’s
  • Having proper communication with other parties
  • Being clear of terms and conditions
  • Letting other agents do the showing for you might also improve your credibility. This was shared in one of the best real estate podcasts in the field called, keeping it real podcast.
  • Be sure to ask questions and share feedback.
  • Follow up after the showing is as important as showing itself as this will also determine the sale aspect of it.

These are some of the ways one can polish their showing skills and grow in the real estate field.