CBD for cats
August 18, 2022

Understand What Is CBD Oil For Cats

By Cathy

CBD oil is a cannabis extract that possesses many of the same properties found in marijuana but doesn’t contain psychoactive properties. Hemp-infused oil for cats can be extracted from marijuana and hemp plants alike but is often sourced from hemp because it’s less likely to produce a high in pet owners when used as directed by their physician. While this does mean cats can be given CBD extract safely, it also means pet owners should be especially cautious when using any product made with hemp. 


CBD oil is a viable and safe alternative for cats suffering from chronic pain. CBD oil is extracted from hemp plants, which means it is completely safe for cats, even in small doses. They contain all the same chemical components as traditional marijuana but don’t produce a high because they’re not intoxicating. They’re safe to use as long as they come from reputable sources and are administered correctly.


Another benefit of CBD oil for cats is that it can be used to relax them when they’re stressed out. While it won’t put them to sleep, it will relax their muscles and make them less likely to startle or become anxious when you handle them or move around the house. This can be very useful for training, as a small dose will help your cat calm down when you need them to.


CBD oil for cats can also be used to treat anxiety or chronic pain. Since it’s completely safe for cats, it can be used if your veterinarian diagnoses your cat with either of these conditions. It can also help relieve symptoms caused by other health problems like arthritis and cancer.