3 room bto renovation package
June 11, 2022

Some Of The Tips One Wish To Know Before The BTO Renovation

By Cathy

In Singapore, over 80% of the population lives in HDB flats, and most flats have had BTO renovation in them. If a person thinks of buying an apartment, they must start applying for huge deals and offers. It is a fantastic feeling to have a place called own or personal space. Everybody wants their space to look ravishing and of different styles, and the most commonly selected option is BTO renovation in the house. While renovating an apartment, there are problems that everyone faces. This article will give some of the tips to get the best 3 room bto renovation package to make the house look amazing.

  1. Prepare a list of things one wants 

There are many designs that the interior designers show, and it becomes too confusing to select one of them if nothing is planned. To avoid such a situation, one should keep their mind clear and tell about their specific needs to the designer for the best BTO renovation. One can show images or references to their ideas, which can help the developers understand better.

  1. Be specific to the deadlines and ask for the work schedule

It is best to ask the designers and developers about the work schedule beforehand. It is a way for the renovation to be completed in a short period without any delays. If a person doesn’t tell the deadlines, the renovation may delay.

3 room bto renovation package

  1. Always take care of the small things 

People usually tend to focus on big things like furniture, a whitewash of the walls, etc. But they forget about the small things which add value to the design. One should also take care of small things like electricity, lights, curtain and binds and water fittings to make the house look best from every angle.

  1. Always ask for written confirmation 

There are many things that designers promise to provide, but they tend to change over time. The owner should ask for everything in written confirmation about every detail and things included in the room bto renovation package to avoid such situations.


BTO renovation is the best thing a house can have to look luxurious and beautiful. A clean and well-set home makes the people living in it happy and lively. So, if one is looking to change the design, then BTO renovation is something he should consider.