How does shockwave therapy help people?
September 7, 2022

How does shockwave therapy help people?

By Cathy

Do you know what a shock wave therapy is and how it can help us? Even if you do know, I’m going to explain it anyway. Shockwave therapy is a medical treatment as you can understand by the word therapy itself, this therapy has been existing for around  many years. It is often used as a non-invasive treatment option for issues such as treating of kidney stones and orthopedic injuries. However in the recent times, urologists have begun using this therapy to treat erectile dysfunction (ED). The thing to remember about shockwave therapy for ED is that, it is still considered as an experimental treatment option and not the accurate one. There is some data that has been found in certain studies that help to support its efficacy, but research is ongoing to determine how well it works long-term and whether it can replace or be offered along with other proven ED treatments. shock wave therapy tennis elbow is one of the most common things to find in people today. It is found that in newly diagnosed patients sporting the tennis elbow, extracorporeal shock wave therapy can reduce the severity of pain and improve daily activity.

Important pointers of shockwave therapy.

shock wave therapy tennis elbow

  • There is recent data that shows that this form of therapy can stimulate blood flow and it is also used to potentially help grow new blood vessels.
  • A licensed medical professional is required to perform such therapy and they need to have a proper professional training to administer this treatment.
  • This form of therapy is not yet approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in treating erectile dysfunction.

Actually now, clinical studies have been found that show that shockwave therapy is effective and does not have long lasting side effects but that does not mean that it has no side effects at all, right? They have moderate level side effects depending on person to person it can vary.

Side effects of taking shockwave therapy.

  • Pain can be caused to many people at the site during the procedure is going on.
  • Bleeding or bruising are very commonly found to be in places that are on and around the penis.
  • Blood is usually found in the urine, which is a little scary.
  • Skin infection is caused on or around the penis.
  • Painful erection occurs in many men.
  • Penile curvature which worsens over a period of time.