long-term visit pass
September 24, 2022

What is the eligibility for Singapore long-term visit pass?

By Cathy

Whenever if you want to apply for long term visit pass you should meet some criteria otherwise you will be not able to apply for it and also it will not be issued. So before applying for visit pass you should at least meet some criteria that is  If there are some family members who cannot get dependent pass then they have to apply for long term visit pass for example unmarried stepchild, non legal spouse, parents, handicapped child etc comes under this. If you are a foreigner and want to apply for long term visit pass then you should have employment pass and also employment pass. The second thing is you should have a fixed monthly income at least $6000. If anyone is accompanying foreign child for their student pass. They can apply for long term visit pass so that they can inside with them if you don’t know about this there are experts visit Want to learn more about long term visit pass in Singapore? Click here. where they will help you with the procedure done very easily and also sometimes you may be confused and spend a lot of money in order to apply and will be rejected

Singapore permanent president

Which is the best way to apply for long term visit pass?

 in order to apply for long term visit pass it is not that easy and also if you are a foreigner you may not know where to apply and when to apply. In such circumstances there are expertswho can help with long term visit pass in Singapore. Click here.Where you get all the details once you visit this space

 if you are still having any kind of doubt if you take advice of this experts they will be very helpful and also applying for long term visit pass on your own is very tough and sometimes you will waste a lot of money on this application procedure. instead of that if you go through this experts approach then it will be easily sanction because they know what are the pros and cons in applying for this pass

 whenever if you want to apply immediately visit the above mentioned page where there are experts who will help you and also if you put forward all your requirements before them so that they will let you know what are the possible ways and also which is the best way in order to get your past sanction.