Malaysia Education Consultant
March 10, 2022

Malaysia Education Consultant: What You Should Know

By Cathy

The educational counseling trend is to assist the student as an individual and the school as an organizational social system, to maximize the functioning and maximize the powers inherent in them, in a supportive and accepting atmosphere, based on the child’s rights.

What are the Goals

The Malaysia Education Consultant, which represents the field of mental health and educational support in the system, and the trust in the developmental processes of the individual and the organization, will make the professional ability available to the school administration and educational staff to constantly strive together to achieve the following educational goals:

Malaysia Education Consultant

  1. To help the educational background at the school promote an optimal socio-educational environment, which supports emotional- intrapersonal and interpersonal growth, which provides a sense of security, belonging, and effect and develops autonomy among students, teachers, and parents.
  2. Develop an awareness of the educational system for the needs of the individual while being sensitive and relating to the variance in the student and teacher population by creating conditions that allow for unique (authentic) expression.
  3. Develop a counseling process where the individual will come to know himself and know his abilities, tendencies, and aspirations from control and self-navigation.
  4. Develop and nurture essential skills, which will provide tools and the ability to actively cope with diverse life situations from the student’s world towards personal growth and a meaningful lifestyle.
  5. Develop individual resiliency skills and a system to cope with developmental processes, unexpected crises, and situations of stress and trouble that are part of life.
  6. To assist in the development of the student as an independent learner who takes responsibility for his learning while increasing awareness in the teaching staff of his and his students’ learning processes.
  7. Develop awareness, sensitivity, empathy, and responsibility to others, emphasizing the value of contribution and giving.
  8. To help develop a relationship of engagement and cooperation between parents and the school as the foundation for optimal climate existence.

The framework of work

The official definition of the ministry of education for the professional who fills the position of educational advisor is “counselor teacher.” The terms of his employment and professional subordination are defined as the psychological counseling service and are anchored in the Malaysia Education Consultant circular.

Consulting and Certification license

A permanent or temporary advisory license will be granted to a teaching employee with at least a master’s degree in educational counseling on behalf of a recognized institution of higher education from abroad and has a teaching certificate from a recognized institution for training teaching employees.

To obtain a permanent advisory license, the process of evaluating the consultant’s work is required by the senior counsel.