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Forensic Accountants and
Fraud Examiners

Composed of experienced forensic accountants and economic crime investigators, McGovern & Greene's
financial investigation professionals are trained to detect a wide variety of fraudulent conduct, from discovering employees or executives who misappropriate company assets to
assisting investors who are defrauded in the course of commercial transactions.

Typically, fraud examination involves legal, audit and investigative services including evaluating indicators of possible fraudulent conduct, preparing innovative audit and investigative plans, interviewing witnesses, analyzing documents, thoroughly researching all possible sources of information and taking all other steps necessary to resolve the issues and
recover the losses.

All of our work is conducted in a professional and ethical manner, and
as discreetly as possible.



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Forensic Accounting and
 Fraud Examination Services

Service offerings include:

Corporate Financial Examinations

Asset Recovery ServicesFinancial Investigation Services

Tax Accounting Services

Due Diligence Reviews

Proactive Procurement
Fraud Prevention Model

Data Mining for Fraud Detection

Forensic Computer Science

Litigation Support
Merger & Acquisition,
Divestiture Litigation Services

Risk Management Consulting

Seminars and Training


McGovern & Greene Investigative Work
  Results in Significant Judgements

Judgement in Fraud Case Results in Award in Excess of $85 Million

Read the details of a judgement based on the expert witness testimony of McGovern & Greene's specialists in a recent Fraud Inducement bench trial case.

Malpractice Settlement Reduces $2 Million Claim to $50,000

Read the details of a substantially reduced settlement reached as a result of McGovern & Greene's expert review of auditing standards used in the case.
CPA Malpractice Settlement



Journalist Louise Rogers-Feher of the Baltimore County Police Department talks about steps the business community can take to avoid financial losses related to internal fraud.

"Strange question, but how many companies are ready to deal with internal fraud? Forward thinking, proactive businesses think about it well before it occurs." "The most crucial outcome of any plan is the ability of the company to get back on line as soon as possible after the incident. The accounting company calls for a plan that acts much like a road map.

" Read the entire article, and contributions from the accounting experts of
McGovern & Greene LLP at this link: Can You Afford Fraud?



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