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McGovern & Greene LLP is a wide spectrum accounting and consulting practice with offices in Chicago and the Las Vegas areas, which allow us to provide our clients with nationwide accounting services.

Comprised of specialists in financial investigation, litigation support, forensic accounting, damage analysis, computer forensics, health care and real estate, the firm is regularly engaged by major corporations, law firms, government agencies and law enforcement.

McGovern & Greene LLP also leads the industry in the field of fraud detection and prevention. Our staff of Certified Fraud Examiners is equipped with the skills, experience and knowledge required to assist you, or your clients, in detecting fraudulent activity carried out by unscrupulous employees or outside vendors



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McGovern & Greene LLP
  Certified Public Accountants

Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examiner Services

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Forensic Accounting and Financial Investigation Services

Litigation Support: Merger & Acquisition, Divestiture Litigation Services

Contracts and Commercial Consulting

Intellectual Property Consulting

Computer Forensic Services

Assurance Services

Tax Accounting Services

Employer Healthcare Audits

Seminars and Training

CPA Audit


What Is the Difference Between a Compilation,
a Review and an Audit?

A Comparative Overview

The level of service is determined by your needs as the client, and what your creditors and/or investors require.

The higher the level of service required, the more time the CPA needs to complete the engagement and therefore, the more costly the engagement. While privately held companies opt for compiled or reviewed statements, credit agreements with lenders often require audited statements.
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