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Construction Industry Services

McGovern & Greene LLP regularly consults with clients and their attorneys on lost profits, contract accounting, cost recovery, and damage issues, including claims for economic damages, termination settlements, and equitable adjustments. Our Certified Public Accountants and consultants have the technical expertise and experience to analyze complex situations, assist with discovery, and render independent, professional opinions.

Should your organization be damaged by wrongful acts, faced with a contract dispute, or require project auditing, our CPAs and consultants can provide the superior professional consultation and support you need to ensure that your assets and bottom line are protected.

Our Construction Activity Audit Services are designed to provide you with greater control over your construction dollars. Our team of experienced Certified Public Accountants and consultants is capable of identifying risks at every stage of the project including:

We will recommend a system of controls including contractor selection criteria, pay application, and change order approval processes. We will verify contractor’s data, recommend contract language, and audit sub-contractor “buy-out” results.

We will provide routine or ad-hoc pay application audits, change order scope and price verification, cumulative cost component tracking and supporting documentation audits. Reconciliation of project expenditures will ensure that duplicate billings, duplicate payments, and/or duplicate scope items are detected in a timely manner. Interim audits of selected data on an as-needed basis can be an effective tool for ensuring full compliance with the contract documents.

We will conduct a final audit of the project independent of the owner’s close-out procedures. This audit will give you the opportunity to evaluate records and documents normally not seen during routine operation processes.

McGovern & Greene, LLP will work with your project management and/or internal audit professionals in a team environment to deliver results most efficiently.

Contract Disputes & Claims Consulting
Assist owners, contractors and attorneys with assessment, preparation, and negotiation of claims for contract damages. Services include consultation, litigation support and expert witness testimony.

Contract Compliance & Cost Recovery Audits
Help clients ensure compliance and recover amounts lost due to non-compliance with contract terms. Includes audits of vendors and subcontractors and Owner Credits Verification

Government Contract Accounting/Consulting
Assist federal contractors and attorneys with accounting and financial issues specific to federal contracting including government cost principles, incurred cost proposals, termination settlements, equitable adjustment proposals, and assistance with bids and proposals.

Capital Budget Management
Assist owners track progress of projects and anticipate cash flow requirements to aid in asset management and funding decisions.

Proactive Fraud Prevention
The Proactive Procurement Fraud Prevention Model (“Model”) is designed for those organizations that wish to stem the rising tide of internal fraud. Based upon years of audit and fraud examination of procurement and accounts payable systems, the Model can significantly reduce the risk of fraud within these functions.

Computer Forensic Services
Forensic Computer Science deals with the identification, preservation and extraction of evidence from computer storage media and the documentation of the findings using legally accepted methods and procedures.

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